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INTDESTCOIN project weekly report by CEO

The INTDESTCOIN project is committed to transparency and publishes a complete and detailed report on the project's actions, advances and technological development on a weekly basis.

Hello Dear supporters;

Every month, we will provide detailed information to all our communities.

This decision has been taken due to giving importance to the thoughts of the intd community.

Our request from our communities should not be used as a basis for requesting confidential information.

We have been working as a team for a long time with our teammates in different parts of the world. We continue our work as usual. And the result of our work being accomplished.

We are proud to be a part of XCHAIN, INTD, and their ecosystem technologies, and with special artificial intelligence that is only available in INTDEST Technology worldwide, we have created AI like constantly learning child who works at least 2 years ahead of our current workforce.

We have established contacts with important companies that play a role in managing the world's blockchain and crypto industry, both technically and from a long-term perspective. Furthermore, we have partnerships that are not public.

While you're helping us, don't think we're not doing anything. We will provide you with the appropriate updates each month.

As a technology organization, we prioritize confidentiality in all our work. We understand that history and time issues can cause issues in your thoughts.

Unless an official announcement is made by the partners, no information about the INTD's listing time will be released.

The times given to you were not ours to decide. It was determined one month ago. We will announce it to you one month later.

Due to the problems of the BSC network, Ether v2.0 Marge, FTX bankruptcy and the decrease in the profitability of the global market, with the guidance of our global partners, we did not enter because the launchpad was not profitable. If we did this, the project would face many issues.

However, according to all these sources, we will act when we believe that INTD and its partners will gain upward momentum. We are in the right way with our strategies. The people who support us, who give us strength, They will definitely be on the winning side when global change arrives. Because with support, victory is won.

We appreciate all of our understanding supporters.

Kemal IŞIK – CEO

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